Choosing the right professional photographer for your portraits is similar to choosing a perfect dress or suit. The fitting needs to be just right! It should reflect your personality, fit your budget, make you feel comfortable, and above all, make you look your best! In this blog post, we'll provide you with all the necessary information to help you choose a photographer that will bring out the best in your portraits! Let's get started!

Determine Your Need: Understanding the Different Types of Portrait Photography

Portraits immortalize moments and capture us and our loved ones in our most natural or empowered states. Depending on what you wish to capture, type of portraits can vary significantly.

Individual Portraits: The Art of Capturing the Single Subject

The intimate nature of individual portraits often lends itself to a personal and emotional narrative. Photographers skilled in individual portraiture have a knack for displaying the unique aspects of a person in a visually captivating manner. These types of portraits can be taken indoors out outdoors.

Family Portraits: Creating a Cherished Family Heirloom

Family portraits capture and commemorate important events, stages of family growth, and also the shared bond amongst family members. Finding a photographer who is great at engaging groups can make the otherwise stiff poses feel organic and warm.

Professional Headshots: Making a Powerful First Impression

Whether you’re an actor, a C-level executive or a freelancer, a professional headshot is a powerful tool for personal branding. Choosing a photographer who specializes in headshots ensures the photos align perfectly with your professional brand.


Engagements are always a magical time. Love is in the air and there's a lot of excitement about the upcoming wedding! Engagement photography seeks to capture the love and genuine interactions between a couple, during a time that will only occur once in their lives. Engagement rings and other meaningful items are also prominently showcased during an engagement session. It's important to select a photographer who understands how to capture these tender loving moments and knows how to pose and direct a couple.


Just like engagement photography, maternity photography is meant to capture a very special and beautiful time in a mother's life. These portraits can be individual or shot as a couple, depending on your preference. Good maternity photography will convey a sense of serenity, beauty, and elegance that simply does not exist with any other type of photography. You may want to consider asking a prospective photographer if they have experience shooting a maternity session!

Locate Professionals: How to Find Highly Skilled Photographers

Just like looking for a great professional of any kind (real estate agents, contractors, etc.), finding a skilled photographer starts with a bit of groundwork.

Local Search: Exploring Options in Your Vicinity

Photographers in your area are easy to meet and coordinate with. Depending on the type of portraits you need, a neighborhood photographer could suffice. The other benefit to hiring a local photographer is that they will be familiar with locations in your area and logistics of shooting at those locations. They'll also be attuned to the climate and weather conditions in your local area. Additionally, their pricing will reflect the local prices in the area which are more likely to fit into your budget. Last, but not least, you're more likely to know someone who has worked with that local photographer before and can share their experience! I'm a professional portrait photographer and I'm based in Windermere, FL, although I'm available for professional portrait photography throughout the Greater Orlando area!

Online Research: Checking Photographer Reviews and Ratings

Reputation precedes quality. Websites, professional photographer communities, social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook, and review platforms can really help narrow down your field of choices.

Personal Recommendations: Trusting Word-of-mouth Referrals

Friends, family, or colleagues, who've had a positive experience with a photographer can offer invaluable recommendations. However, even though a family member or friend refers a photographer, always make sure to check out their work and reviews yourself to make sure that they are compatible with what you're looking for! For example. a friend may have used a photographer for a headshot, but you need family portraits. Make sure that photographer has at least some experience in that particular genre of portrait photography!

Evaluate Their Work: Key Factors to Consider when Looking at Photographer Portfolios

The quality of a photographer's portfolio often speaks volumes about their skill, style, and experience.

Style Consistency: Is Their Signature Style in Sync with Your Vision?

Whether it's more traditional or avant-garde, warm, or dramatic, the photographer's style should match the aesthetic you're aiming for in your portraits.

Technical Proficiency: Judging their Command over Light, Composition and Post-production

Look for clarity, composition, lighting, and post-production quality. These elements can greatly affect how you appear in your portraits.

Creativity and Originality: The Unmistakable Element of Novelty in the Portraits

A photographer's creativity and originality reflect in their work. Review their portfolio to appreciate their personal ‘touch’ and how they see their subjects to add a unique flare to your portraits. Pay attention to whether the photographer uses a generic preset for all of their photos or if they custom edit depending on the client, the location, the time of day, or the season. For example, a warm, bright and colorful edit may not match the vibe of portrait shot in the middle of winter with bare trees. A good photographer will edit your photos to match your aesthetic as well as the location of your photoshoot.

Chat with the Photographer: Things to Discuss Before Making a Decision

Meeting with photographers helps you gauge their personality and professionalism, and it's the best time to discuss pertinent details regarding your portrait session.

Personality Fit: Ensuring You're at Ease with Your Photographer

You should always feel comfortable with your photographer. Their interpersonal skills will allow you to relax and deliver more authentic expressions, resulting in better portraits.

Pricing and Packages: Understanding What's Included in the Cost

Price packages can differ significantly. Make sure to understand what’s included, possible add-ons, retouching fees, etc., to avoid unexpected expenses.

Seal the Deal: Contractual Aspects to Consider

Legal agreements are there to protect both parties. Below are a few points to consider.

Image Rights: Knowing Who Owns the Photos

Who has the rights to the pictures and where they can be used should be defined clearly. Often times, the photographer will own the actual images they capture of you and you will have a license to use those images in a certain limited way which can be defined in a Contract.

Cancellation Policies: Preparing for Unexpected Circumstances

Having a clear understanding of the photographer's cancellation policy is essential. You never know when you might need to reschedule or cancel.

Re-shoot Policies: Understanding Your Options if You're Unsatisfied

In case you are not satisfied with the results, knowing your options for re-shoots and refunds can ease potential stress. For example, here at Daniel Plasencia Photography, we want you to know that you're in good hands. We guarantee all of our photoshoots. If you don't like your photos for any reason, I'll re-shoot your session at no extra cost. My primary objective is for you to be 100% happy and satisfied with your photos!

Wrapping Up: Summarizing the Key Elements in Choosing a Professional Portrait Photographer

Choosing a professional photographer for your portraits requires careful thought and consideration. From determining your needs to evaluating portfolios and discussing details with prospective photographers, each factor plays a critical role in the final decision. Missteps can be avoided by emphasizing research and thorough considerations in your decision process. This ensures that you end up with a result that you are happy with. The best choice of photographer is always a balanced mix of quality, cost, and the satisfaction and rapport you find with that photographer. This is not a decision to be rushed but one to be savored.


What questions should I ask a prospective photographer for my portrait?

Mostly, inquire about their experience, style, pricing, and contractual aspects such as image rights, re-shoot policies, etc.

How much should I expect to pay for professional portrait photography?

Prices can vary greatly depending on location, reputation, and experience of the photographer. Always compare prices and don't

forget to ask what's included in the package!

What are some common pitfalls to avoid when choosing a portrait photographer?

Avoid ticking the box based off just one factor. Look at their style, experience, professionalism, personality fit, and contractual factors

before you make your choice.

How do I know if a photographer's style matches what I'm looking for?

Reviewing their portfolio will give you a clear idea of their signature style. You can also discuss this with them to ensure they can capture

what you're envisioning.

What should a photography contract include?

A comprehensive contract should include clauses regarding image rights, cancellation policy, payment terms, liability, schedules, and what's

included in the price.

In conclusion, don't rush your decision. Research well, discuss with potential photographers, trust your instincts, and then choose the right photographer for your lasting memories. I hope you'll choose me as your next photographer!