What to Wear

Coordinate, don't match!

You can accomplish a uniform look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit (the whole family in white tees & blue denim jeans is now a dated trend!). In fact, the whole family matching isn't necessarily a good thing and can come off as cheesy , and often white actually isn't the best color for skin tones (creams, beige & tans are a lot more flattering). Your photos should look timeless and classic. Therefore, I recommend picking two base colors for your outfits. Then add softer tones to accent and complete those for your color scheme.


Ideas for Every Season


  • The location - you don't want to blend into the background
  • The season - deeper hues are appropriate for fall/winter, and lighter colors for spring/summer
  • The weather - Here in San Marc0s, Texas it can get really hot or really cold depending on the season, so always be sure to dress appropriately for the weather!
  • your home decor - your wall art should match the room where it is displayed

Start your planning process with an outfit that mom feels fabulous in, and then build the outfits of the rest of the family around that. Above all, choose outfits that are comfortable and will allow you the freedom to move and play. Always dress for the weather! If it's hot out, wear lighter and cooler fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon. If it's cooler out you can bring out the denim, canvas, suede, wool, flannel and tweed!


Avoid big, distracting patterns and logos. You're the focus, not your clothes, so avoiding distracting patterns will keep that focus on your family connection. If your favorite outfit has a pattern, I recommend keeping a patterned outfit to one member of your family, and the rest of your family members to be in a block color. This avoids contrasting patterns like stripes, competing with spots, competing with the location at which your session is being held.



As a San Marcos based family portrait photographer, my goal is to capture your family candidly, as it is in this moment. I want to capture it all, the joy. the connection. and the love ... and yes. even a bit of the chaos!

I want you to remember how you felt about each other in this time of your life, and so our session will be focused on doing things that will allow for these feelings to reflect in the photos. I will ask you to play with each other, hug, joke, chase, tickle, and laugh. As your love for each other play across your faces, I will be there to capture the magic.

Although it may seem candid and unposed, I will guide you every step of the way by positioning you in flattering light. and with gentle prompts to get the candid interactions started.

Of course, we will get a few formal family portraits as well. Because these family portrait sessions are relaxed, play-based and very focused on your kids, they will hardly realize they are having their pictures taken!

Family having fun during family portrait session - San Marcos, TX


• Earthy, muted colors

• Solid colors

• One outfit with a pattern

• Boots. sandals and sneakers

• Comfortable fits


• Neon colors

• Logos, words or characters on shirts

• More than 1 busy pattern

• Athletic sneakers and ballcaps

• Too tight or too baggy fits


Don't forget that shoes are part of your outfit! Skip the sneakers and heels, and choose boots, sandals and sneakers that are both practical and match the setting.


Complete your look by adding hats,

beanies. headbands, jewelry. scarves,

belts. etc. It's a great way to show off your

personality, without taking over the focus of the photos.


Layers like jackets, cardigans, and vests provide depth. Textures like knits. lace, denim and cords add interest. When used together, its a winning combination!

Hands + Nails

Your hands will be holding, hugging and

gently stroking in many of your photos, so

make sure everyone has c lean and

trimmed nails with no chipped nail polish.

Hair + Makeup

Get haircuts at least a week before. and keep makeup natural. Better yet, get your hair and makeup done professionally. The confidence boost and no-stress is worth it!


  • Leave enough time to get ready, and navigate traffic, without rushing and stressing.
  • Try to make sure everyone is rested - an extra nap (for adults too!) can go a long way.
  • Come with full bellies - hungry kids are unhappy kids. But don't leave dinner for the car ride over and have to clean up kids in the parking lot.
  • Plan a special treat for sometime after the session - ice cream. a toy, or a special outing can keep everyone motivated to keep going!


  • Lots of mess-free snacks that won't stain mouths or spill on clothes
  • Water for everyone
  • A brush, hairspray and/or gel
  • Makeup for touch-ups
  • A change of clothing, especially for kids
  • Jackets/sweaters for when temperatures drop later on
  • Bug spray
  • Pajamas for the car ride home (they may fall asleep!)
  • A relaxed, playful and come what-may attitude. It will show in your photos!