Hey y'all! I know we got a long way to go before it's bluebonnet season again, but I just had to drop this list of my favorite spots for bluebonnet family portrait sessions here in Central Texas! Without further ado, here they are!


Buda is a beautiful place overall. It has a small-town feel while still being close enough to Austin to enjoy the big city amenities. Can you guess what else Buda has?! That's right, bluebonnets! Located right in the heart of town is Buda Amphitheater and City Park. It's home to so many awesome festivals and concerts. While the middle of the park is just a big grassy lawn, surrounding the park is a circular hill bursting with bluebonnets! The hill feature really allows us to get creative with posing and different angles. The bluebonnets also appear in really dense and large patches, allowing these amazing flowers to surround you and create the most stunning compositions. The best part is I've never seen any other photographers here, letting us have this gorgeous location all to ourselves! If you choose, Buda Amphitheater and City Park for your family portrait session next spring, you won't regret it!

Family posing for family portrait bluebonnet session - San Marcos, TX


Circle C Ranch Metropolitan is a beautiful park and nature enclave located in Southwest Austin, Texas, and it's tucked away off Slaughter Lane and Escarpment Blvd. While this park is stunning year round and is well-known for its tree-lined hiking trails, picnic areas, and sports fields, it particularly shines during bluebonnet season. Large swaths of the park that are normally covered in green grass explode with a beautiful sea of Texas' beloved blue flowers come March and April. This is one of my favorite spots hands down to take family bluebonnet photos. Although I love to shoot in my hometown of San Marcos, Texas, if want your bluebonnet session done at Circle C Park, I'll gladly make the drive because it's just that gorgeous!

Woman posing for bluebonnet portrait session - San Marcos, TX


Old Settlers Park is a 640 acre oasis located in Round Rock, TX. This is definitely one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been to. It boasts lots of green space, walking trails, and even has a gorgeous lake located right inside of the park! There are beautiful sprawling fields of bluebonnets out behind the sports field. Even though it's a bit of a walk, it's so worth it! During my last bluebonnet shoot at Old Settlers Park, my client and I were the only ones there and we had the bluebonnet field all to ourselves! If you're located in the North Austin, Round Rock, or Pflugerville areas, this is definitely a bluebonnet spot that you can't miss for a family portrait session!


There's one more spot on my list that I discovered this year near San Marcos, TX, but this spot is totally a secret! It's the most epic bluebonnet field I have ever seen anywhere in Texas! A blanket of blue as far as the eye can see and minimal distracting elements! In fact, it's so good that I'm keeping it a secret. But, if you book your next bluebonnet portrait session with me, you'll get to find out exactly where this place is! Hint: It's not in Austin!